Friday, March 14, 2014

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. That has nothing to do with the post, but I need a title.

Hello again!

First off, before I say anything....


And I still don't really care!

So, let's get this blog post back to an interesting topic. Me. 

Well, a lot's been going on since I last posted! I'm currently on spring break, first off. And what have I been doing? NOT playing Minecraft, nope, nope, nope. Never. I've been...writing papers. Which, I actually did write my seven page research paper on synesthesia (fascinating condition. I would know. I think I'm like, an expert now.), so I'm not totally lying. 

I go back to school on Monday, sadly. But, this is officially going to be the last year at my current school! :D (Okay, I'm going to brag quite a bit in the next paragraph, so you can skip it if you want. ;) ) I took my tests to get into the local college two weeks ago, and I passed with flying colors. :D I got into all college level stuff easily, first off. Which is not normal, since, well, I'm a freshman. The majority of the people who take the tests are at least people going into junior year, and normally older, since it is a placement test for actual college students. Although I did get a FIVE on my essay. You guys have no idea how mad I am about that. It's out of EIGHT. I GOT A FIVE OUT OF EIGHT. HOW. Seriously, in my opinion, I should have gotten at LEAST a six. That thing was a work of art. But it was graded by a computer. How can a computer accurately judge writing skills? I have no clue. Oh well, it took at least a four to get into the class I wanted to, so I guess it's all good. One last bragging thing: Apparently, it's a six hour test. I finished it in an HOUR. I repeat, I'm a freshman. Um....The thing is, I actually would have done it faster, but my mom told me if I didn't double triple check everything, then I was going to public school.

*bragging over* 

However, because the advisor told my mother it was going to take a normal person six hours (I told my mom it would probably take me 2.) I had to wait in the lobby for an hour and a half. I had nothing on me, no phone, no ipod, no book. -_- Most boring time ever. By then, it was like 2:30, and I hadn't eaten since the previous night, so needless to say, I got quite mad at my mom. Haha. But when she found out I got into all college level stuff, she took me out for Wendy's, which I then got food poisoning from, and missed my friend's birthday party.

Fun times.

Okay, I have to interject real quick and say that my little brother just came into my room and held out this bottle of blue raspberry soda, and asked if I wanted any. Naturally, I did. So he went downstairs, poured me a cup, handed it to me, and proceeded to run off as I took a sip and discovered it was just some nauseating liquid with food coloring in it. 



The week after that, we got all of the tile in our house redone. AKA, most of our downstairs. That meant that we were unable to go in most of our house, including our kitchen. So that meant that all of my family was cooped up on MY side of the house. -_- It also meant that we had to eat fast food, which, considering I just got food poisoning from a fast food restaurant, I was not happy about. And I ended up eating Wendy's twice anyway. 

Since Friday, I  have been officially on spring break. :D So far, I haven't done much. I went out with a bunch of friends to go see Mr. Peabody and Sherman on Monday, which was fun. We then went to Whataburger, where  two guys who couldn't work the cash register had us wait for twenty minutes, then to Dahlia and her brother Thomas' house, where we played Apples to Apples and at some point, Thomas ended up with a Darth Vader mask and Timothy had a Spiderman mask on with a really offensive Indian headdress thing on over it.

Oh, homeschoolers.

I still don't know why Thomas even HAD an Indian headdress, but I think he said it was for a history project. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't even take history. 

Besides playing Minecraft obsessively, I also went with my mom last night to go see a live performance of Welcome to Nightvale, a podcast we both listen to. We had to get there at 6 (the show started at 7:30) in order to get in line, and there were still a ton of people lined up.

And guys. The cosplay. O_O 

(For those of you who don't know what that is, it's "the practice of dressing up as someone from a movie, tv show, anime, or book. Or podcast, in this case.) 

The cosplay game was so strong. Omyword. Everyone had to walk by us in order to get to the end of the line, so we pretty much saw everyone who cosplayed. I must say, they were pretty cool. However, it's a really, really weird podcast, so a lot of the people there looked kind of crazy. The best part was when normal people walked by and did double-takes. It was hilarious. One guy who was walking his dog was looking at the hooded figures so long he tripped and almost fell into a pole. 

(The hooded figures, the "eternal scouts" (There's a whole 'nother rank of Boy Scouts) and mayor of Nightvale Pamela Winchell.)

When we finally got in, it's this really, really dark theater where you could barely see anything. My mom and I got seats in the sixth row, in front of two really cool girls who we talked to a bit. However, we were behind the most annoying, tallest people in the entire warehouse. -_- Whyyyy. But the show was FANTASTIC. Honestly, I thought it was going to be kind of boring, since it is only one guy speaking into a microphone, but he is an amazing actor, and it was really, really funny. They also had a great musician open and be the weather. (I suppose I should explain, the show is a radio broadcast for a fake town, and the weather, instead of actually being the weather (Well, there's no clouds in Nightvale, besides the giant glow cloud that is the head of the school board, which makes it hard for most weather to exist, but that's not the point. I'm sounding insane right now, aren't I?) is a song from some musician.)  

So, yes, that was really fun. :D What was NOT fun was finally getting home, and me going into my dark room, opening up the closet door, and finding a life size cutout of Legolas in my closet. I swear....

Oh, also, if anyone wants it, YOU CAN HAVE IT. We've literally been trying to dump it onto someone for like, six months. I've had quite a few friends who have wanted it, because they think Orlando Bloom is attractive *rolls eyes*. But their parents wouldn't let them have it. Sadly. Guys, it is the most TERRIFYING thing to walk into the playroom at night, with the lights off, and see a human standing in the corner. Omygosh. 

Anyway, I have now written my way to the present, where my parents are currently painting the playroom red (We're renovating it, which should be awesome!), my youngest brother is wearing a fedora and running around with a nerf gun (Granted, he does have decent fashion taste. Fedoras are cool.) , and Abdul is walking around with this in his hand.

In case you can't read it, it says Do Not Consume.

Did I mention he's drinking it every chance he gets?

And brought it to school? 

Anyway, I must go read a script for a short film my brother is making. And film it. And act in it. Yayyyyy.

~ Audrey