Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pageant Queens, Me, and other completely opposite things

Hey guys!

Today, I shall be doing another one of those "Currently" posts :D Enjoy!

Basically, lately I've been getting a lot of emails and letters (like, in the mail. Woah.) regarding college. Which, ugh. I got five emails from Iowa State University in 4 days. I can't even name a city in Iowa. I can't even pronounce it! I say Ee-o-way!

But now, instead of getting letters about college...

I'm getting them about PAGEANTS. As in, beauty pageants.


I find this extremely hilarious, considering I am someone who is the exact opposite of a pageant girl. But according to one of the letters I managed to snag before they disappeared, someone recommended me. O.O Obviously, someone who does not know me at ALL.

However, this letter has made me laugh harder than I have in a week. Here's some snippets:

"National American Miss is a pageant experience designed for today's girl. Therefore, she does not have to perform a talent."

So, basically, today's girl does not need a talent to get ahead in life. It's based on beauty. But wait!

"Scoring is based on an individual's personality, poise, and confidence."

Excuse me while I burst out laughing...

The worst part is that my mother actually wants me to do it. Because apparently you can win money. A million dollars wouldn't get me to that thing.

So, yeah, that's what I'VE been reading. Ridiculous letters trying to get me into a beauty pageant. Hopefully another one comes and I can laugh at it even more.

I've been listening to a TON of the band The Civil Wars.
And so I decided to google them to see if they were on tour or something, because, despite the fact that I probably couldn't go, I wanted to still at least look.



*cries* But, they did win another Grammy on the 26th. However, the guy (It's a duo, a man and woman) was the only one there, and didn't even mention Joy (The woman) in his acceptance speech. But he did mention his plumber. You think I'm joking...I'm not...

Good job, sir. Good job.

Nothing. BECAUSE MY FATHER BLOCKED YOUTUBE. *cries again..this is an emotional post...*

Wait, there's something called a TV?

Well, SOMEONE *coughcoughmylittlebrothercoughcough* lost the remote for Netflix. So I can't watch anything there either.

And yes, I am still alive.

Also, I will be "watching" the Super Bowl! I am not a fan of football at all. I care more about the winner of the commercial battle than the winner of the game. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to go to a Super Bowl party my youth group is having, or staying home. Either way, all I'll be doing is watching the commercials.

EDIT: My mother just came home with all of the food she will be making.

I am so staying home.

Skywars. Wayyyyy too much.

I have a problem.

Buuuut...Abdul won Halo 4 for XBox 360.

We do not have an xbox 360.

So he might buy one! :D (I should clarify: Abdul never spends money. Like, ever. So, he probably has a TON of money in the bank.)  And let his amazing sister play it, of course! At least, he had better. *glares*

Piano songs. When I quit for a year, and then came back, I had to go behind a year. And so now, Abdul and I are at the same place. Same books, same songs. But different teachers. Who are very good friends.
Which is a bit awkward...considering I took lessons from Abdul's teacher for four years, then switched... Anyways. Yes. Piano. Yay?

I'm currently (supposed to be) working on an essay. The topic is: "Write about Living to Survive vs Living to Thrive while comparing the Baxter's and Forrester's in the Yearling."

*sigh* I love writing. And reading. But I really, really hate English...Like, she's teaching us (YET AGAIN) how to outline, and research. I have written SO MANY PAPERS. And stories. And other stuff. I think I know how I work. I don't need to learn AGAIN. Anyway. Rant over.

Everything. I'm a greedy person.

And fish fingers and custard.

I got an entire pound of licorice. Which, I normally don't like licorice, but this is delicious Australian soft licorice. And it is amazing. And...I might have eaten all of it in like, a day. But it was worth the stomach ache and hyperness.

That's it!
Also, someone tell me who to root for in the Super Bowl. All I know is that the Seahawks and Broncos are playing. Hahaha.
~ Audrey


  1. Like I mentioned before. You need to vote for the Broncos. No questions asked. Believe me.

  2. If I had a chance to win a million dollars in a pageant I would do it! Stick a pound of makeup on me and give me big funny hair I don't care, I will do whatever you want. Ugh... that sounded stripperish. On another note, I really like your blog! I'll be sure to check it out more often.