Friday, February 21, 2014

in which I ramble quite a bit about dogs, flowers, snakes, and skulls

Hey guys!

Guess what? :D We got a dog!

Her name is Sadie- DANG IT. Okay, the dog's name is Lola, but for some reason our entire family keeps calling her Sadie. XD No one knows why. O.o

We've had her since around 10 o clock this morning. We got her through a Schnauzer rescue thing, so we've been planning to get her for a week or so. But now we finally have her! :D

It's been....interesting to have a dog again. When we moved here six years ago, we got a dog from the poodle rescue, but we had to give him away about two years ago. :( So far, we've had to keep Lola on a leash with us at all times, and since I've been the only one home, it means wherever I go, she goes. Actually, more like wherever she goes, I go XD She's only around 35 pounds, but she can move fast XD I surprisingly did something resembling exercise when I took her for a walk today, and I had to jog to keep up. Granted, as soon as I got home from my "exercise", I ate some ice cream. But I digress.

I kind of feel bad for Lola, though. We have a bird (That in case you didn't know, I DESPISE. I am praying she eats the darn thing. Since I apparently can't. Yes, I asked my mother if we could fry the thing for Christmas dinner. That's how much I hate it.) that constantly chirps, and apparently she is sensitive to loud noises. So when she was running around the house exploring, she kept freaking out because it kept chirping and she couldn't find it XD

I've also learned that she is afraid of small animals. When she ran into my brother's room, she saw his hedgehog, Hedgalina McPricklesworth III. And freaked out XD She sniffed it's cage, and when Hedgalina jumped, she ran right out XD

Around 45 minutes ago, my mom finally got home and took Lola outside in the backyard.


We're used to having animals in our yard (We've had an entire family of raccoon living in our chimney, two possums under our deck, etc etc) but it's been years (well, hopefully. Knowing my dad, he wouldn't tell me if there was something there.) since we've had a snake. The last one we had was...3 feet long? Maybe 4. I've tried to block it out of my memory. When we first moved here, I was out in the yard, and I turned around to see a garden snake IN MY FACE. Last time I ever try to get vines off of trees. Ever since then, I have been traumatized.

Anywho, as soon as she found the snake (which is STILL SOMEWHERE IN OUR YARD o.o) , she bolted. Just like I would have XD

And ran over the pool. -_-

By over, I mean she ran over the cover, which LOOKS like a solid surface. But if you put any weight on it, it sinks down into the pool. So on her first day here, Lola has already gone swimming XD

I was supposed to give her a bath, but I got out of it. B)

Anyways, enough about that.

It's been a while since I blogged! And since then, not much has happened.

However, I did find out that instead of having to go to public school (long story short, if I didn't get all A's, I had to go, but since I am not, I was very very close to having to go) I am going to be doing a combination of dual credit classes at the college, online courses, and being tutored. And maybe doing a class at the school I'm going to now. :D It should be fun! I'm really excited! I'm going to do English, Science, and History at the college, Latin III online, and Geometry with my current math tutor. Right now, in order to be able to take 3 classes at the college instead of the 2 they have you start off with, I have to take a computer class over the summer.


Why the face? Well, the computer class is: A. Over the summer, B. Lasts 5 weeks, Monday-Friday, and C. Is from EIGHT O CLOCK IN THE MORNING TO NOON. IN THE SUMMER.


Not only that, I found out that the "class" teaches you how to use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.


I've known how to use Microsoft Word since I was 11! And yes, the features of it too, not just typing up homework. Despite what my father thinks, I actually DO know the majority of stuff I think they're going to teach in this class. *sigh* I'm not looking forward to this.

Also in order to get in, I have to take a series of tests. I took the PSAT last fall, which SHOULD have cleared me for taking those tests. I passed English and writing just fine, but I didn't test out of math by TWO. POINTS. So now I have to take the tests the college offers. Definitely looking forward to that one. *rolls eyes* I'm not too worried about it, though. Back last fall when I took the PSAT, I knew almost nothing. XD I'm a lot smarter now.

I think.

Another thing that's been happening is... *dramatic music* Economics projects. Every February/March, the economics class has to create a business. Since I'm in the class, now I have to do it. XD Two of my friends and I decided to be in a group together and have a bake sale at the school, and it went pretty well. We did it around Valentine's Day, so we also decided to sell flowers.


While a lot of kids bought them for their parents, there were some prank ones, which were hilarious. We offered free delivery if the person wanted to remain anonymous. My friend Ariana bought one for her little brother, made a card that said "From Your Secret Admirer" and had us give it to him XD Immediately after we delivered it, three girls came up and were like "Who sent that? Who was it? Was it ____? Or ____?" When we said we were sworn to secrecy, they left. Later we found out that one of the girls told the boy it was from her XD Despite the fact that the boy's sister sent it XD

My piano teacher's son is in my grade, and when I went to my lesson a week or so ago, she pulled me aside and whispered "Hey, how much are those flowers? Will you deliver one to Timothy anonymously?" We did, and...well, it was hilarious. The whole day he was wondering who it was from. He thought it was from our friend Daniella, considering she started singing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" as soon as we delivered it. XD When he got home, apparently his mom asked him if he got any flowers, and he denied it! When she said "Oh, really? I sent one to you" he said he forgot. XD

My Valentine's Day was pretty fun as well :D I mostly teased my friends about the lack of admirers showing up at their doors as I sat at home alone. JK XD I'm not that mean. I got some chocolate, a new beanie, and a mystery Doctor Who lego figure XD I ended up with Rory. B) Oh, and a Calvin and Hobbes necklace :D

Although my brother got this:


Also, I got a giant skull. Why? Because my parents decided to scare me by putting this in my closet: (excuse the terrible webcam photo)


It's currently on my door. Although I am considering hanging it from my ceiling. 

Well, that's all for now! :D Hope you enjoyed my rambling.


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  1. Wait a minute...Doctor Calvin and Whobbes? :P XD BD