Saturday, January 4, 2014

This post is totally not the result of a new year's resolution


Okay, most of you reading this know that anyway.

But I am actually blogging! Whaaaaaaaaat? (James what. Bonus points if you got that reference.)

It's been SO long O.O I keep wanting to blog, I even had a short blog post written up in early November, but I never posted it. Plus, I got put on restriction and blocked from posting, so :P

What I have decided to do, since it has been forever, and since I did write up that short bit, is basically walk you through my months. Hopefully you enjoy. LET IT BEGIN! Warning: Super long post ahead! I have three months to cover!

So wait, when was the last time I posted anyway? October? Then I guess I'd better post this:


Hm, what happened in October? Oh, I know.



Darn, it looks like my brother's cricket collection escaped. (Yeah, yeah, my jokes are a little rusty. Shut up.)

I had an awesome birthday, thanks for asking. :D I don't know if I discussed this, but my main birthday present was getting to go to an Imagine Dragons concert. :D :D :D They're one of my favorite bands. I went with one of my friends, and it was AWESOME. They are amazing live. Easily one of the best birthday presents ever.

What else did I get for my birthday?

Well, I had finished all of the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix earlier that month, and I was dying for season 7. So my friend and I decided that I would ask for it for Christmas then we would have a Doctor Who marathon. (She was, AND STILL IS, on Season 5, I believe.)

And wouldn't you know it, it was all a clever ruse so they could jump out and say surprise on Halloween when I went over to a friend's house for trick or treating. (I'M NOT TOO OLD, SHUDDUP. Okay, now I am, but at the time I wasn't.)

And what did they give me for my birthday?

Along with some Adipose cupcakes. (They're from Doctor Who.)

Look at them. They are adorable. (Sorry for the terrible photos.)

And, thus concludes October. :D



A certain book came out.

That broke my heart into pieces and I'm not going to talk about it because first off the book in my opinion wasn't even that great. Awful ending aside, it just wasn't very good. *sigh* But I still stayed up till midnight waiting for it to be delivered to my Kindle anyway.

And my grandmother got me AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF IT OMYGOSH :O She works in a school where tons of authors visit, and if there's anyone I like, she often gets me an autographed copy :D Plus, this specific murderer-I-mean-author lives in Chicago, and my grandma lives right around there. But let me tell you. The fans were wondering why there was a wave on the cover on this book. IT STANDS FOR THE FANDOM'S TEARS.


(This was technically in October, but whatever.)

Here is the short bit I wrote that I'm just going to put here because it's kind of relevant here.

Hey guys!
*looks back on the last post that said she would update in a few days*

Why am I updating now?

And I can't sleep.

For example.

a few minutes ago, this happened.

*aunt walks in*
Me: Hi Aunt Kim!
Aunt: ....Audrey?
Me: yes?
Aunt: why are you eating cheese and crackers in our kitchen at four o clock in the morning?
Me: ....why not?
Aunt: I don't understand you sometimes. *walks off*

The life and times of an insomniac.


I also have all the lights in the house turned on....why? Because I was stupid enough to watch three Stephen Moffat episodes of doctor who in a row. From midnight to three am.

I'm an idiot.

But now with all the light sources....I have two shadows....I am going to die :o

Okay. Anyway. I told you I was insane. Am insane. Or am I? A crazy person doesn't know they're crazy. I know I am crazy. Therefore I am not crazy. Or am I?



In case you noticed earlier, I mentioned my aunt had found me. Good thing she did instead of my mother, who would have killed me. Like she would have killed me if I lost her bird. My aunt let it out of its cage to hop around a bit because its wings are clipped, and told me to watch it.

I didn't.

And its wings haven't been clipped in a it can kind of fly....

So guess who had to search the whole house looking for a parakeet that she despises because A. Her mother loves that thing more than her own children and b. it always chirps every single time she tries to practice piano? ( SIDE NOTE. I STILL HATE THIS BIRD SO FREAKING MUCH. IT HAS EVEN TURNED ON MY MOTHER. SHE NOW CALLS IT SID VICIOUS. I WANTED TO HAVE IT STUFFED FOR MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT, BUT SADLY MY MOTHER WOULD NOT ALLOW IT.)


I found it chewing on an electrical cord under a table after twenty minutes of searching.

I am so off topic.

But anyway. My parents are in Canada! Why, you ask? For their twentieth anniversary, I tell you! Their anniversary is also the same day as my birthday (which is also my aunts bday) so they never got to do much for it. But this year, they ditched this stupid 90 degree weather to go to Canada, where they can wear hats and winter jackets and sweaters and not die of heatstroke! At this point, I'm just wearing sweaters and pretending its cold outside.

They come home I must say, I will be sad to see my aunt leave. Not only does she let me eat a healthy dinner of ramen noodles, mashed potatoes, and pineapple three nights in a row (I'm seriously not making this up xD) , she made us homemade kettle corn drizzled with chocolate @_@
Stay with us forever, please.

What else have I been doing since I last posted?

Reading. (I already mentioned Allegiant earlier, so I'll skip over that part.)

House of Hades by Rick Riordan FINALLY came out. Luckily better than MARK OF ATHENA WHERE HE ****************** !!!!!!!! (in case anyone here reads the series but hasn't read MoA yet.) Let's just say ended on a cliffhanger.

Wanna know who he dedicated House of Hades to?

"To the fans. Sorry about that cliffhanger. Okay, not really. MUHAHAHAHAHA."

I'm not making this up. It was a good book, and thankfully didn't end on ANOTHER cliffhanger. And wasn't toooooo sad.


I'm not even going to talk about it.

Okay, I'm sure you guys didn't come here to hear me talk about books....

Well, I got shipped a few more times >.> . I heard some awesome music, such as this. . @_@
I might possibly have an obsession with Matthew Parker....but who doesn't?
Played a lot of minecraft. NEW UPDATE YAY!! I haven't have the time to mess around with it yet, but I'm planning on it!
Beat up my brothers a few times. Why? Well, one of them just randomly jumped me today with a foam-but-still-really-painful baseball bag because he thought I was on facebook. O.o I'm 90% sure my mother is paying them to spy on me. And she's not even here!
I watched a little Doctor Who. Not much. You know. Totally not addicted nope
School >.> I hate, hate, hate school >.> these late nights are killing me. Last week, for the three days I had school, I was running on 7 hours of sleep.


Sleep is for the weak. And the girls who decide to rewatch their favorite episodes late at night because they can't sleep.

And that's it!

I've got nothing.

I am

And, besides Champion by Marie Lu coming out in November, having my grandparents fly down from Chicago for Thanksgiving (where I found out Veronica Roth's mom is in my grandma's book club O.O I'M LIKE THREE DEGREES FROM THE DEVIL. I kid, I kid. but I'm still not over Allegiant.), not much happened.

Thus ends November, I guess.


Merrrrrrry Christmas! The time where terrible holiday music that makes me want to cut my ears off blasts 24/7 (seriously, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by the Jackson Five should be outlawed.) , I am forced to watch holiday movies that I despise (This video by my friend Ryan Matlock sums up how I feel about this, and other Christmas related stuff. Seriously, go check out the video, and his channel. He's pretty awesome. and I sit in my room trying to avoid going caroling or something.

Ho, ho, ho.*sarcasm right there*

I kid, I kid.

No I'm not.

I dunno, I had a great Christmas and all, but I just don't think I really got into the Christmas spirit and all. But that's because I hate holiday music and movies and things like that. :P

And, with every Christmas...

Comes the Christmas light show.

You probably don't know what I'm talking about if you aren't one of my neighbors who are blinded from Black Friday to January 1st. But every single year, my father gets out his totes and totes of Christmas lights and decorates our back yard. And usually causes the electricity on the block to complete go out. I must say, it looks pretty awesome. :D My dad goes crazy, haha. It's become a yearly thing in my household. And this year, it was twice as big. But luckily, we have a generator now. :P I wish I had pictures.

We had three Christmases this year. We had a Christmas on Black Friday when one set of grandparents flew down for Thanksgiving, one on the real Christmas with my grandparents from Arkansas, and one the day my grandma came down a few days after Christmas. It was great having so much family come over! Even if I had to sleep on the couch ;) We haven't seen a lot of them in forever, so it was fun seeing everyone again.

And, I kind of have to talk about how this Christmas was a fandom Christmas. O.O As in, my parents would hand me something from a book series I love or a TV show I watch, and say "I have no clue what this is, but I know you'll love it." It was pretty awesome. :D I would be jumping up and down as they looked on with a "What the heck?" expression on their face. :P

Also in December, finals made me keel over, my friend made me watch the bonus features of the 1D movie (SHUT UP ALL OF YOU I WAS FORCED I SWEAR and it was only the bonus features...) and I finally am here for Christmas break.


And for New Years, my brother and I stayed up till midnight (and this time, we were actually allowed to!). He decided to stuff some of those poppers that you throw at the ground and they explode into one of those things that you pull the strings and streamers pop out.

And his fingers nearly burned off.


Thus ends December.


Well, not much to talk about here. Since it's only January 4th ;) I've pretty much been on my laptop a lot the past few days. Oh, yeah, I finally bought a laptop! :D 

And now it is broken.


Well, okay, the laptop itself is just fine. But even though we have internet, it won't let me connect, and not even my dad can figure out what's wrong. So he's probably going to have to reset it. *sigh* But enough about that. :P

And now I am blogging! :D Obviously. While listening to Zedd. (Also, let me give a shoutout to Ben for introducing me to Zedd, because I have had the album Clarity on repeat for like two weeks. It's awesome. )
And checking Facebook, where I just found this. And for some reason I am laughing. But I need a picture here, so...

 And, this post really isn't a product of a New Year's resolution. I just had some time on my hands :P

So, yeah. All  I have been doing is listening to stuff on Soundcloud, watching youtube, playing Minecraft, and talking to people. Which has been fun. ^-^ I'm dreading school....That's half of the reason I didn't post (besides not being able to), is because I have nothing to post ABOUT besides school.

Oh, and the Lurkville album, but that's a whole 'nother story....

Alright, I've run out of things to talk about that you would actually be interested in, so I shall depart. See you guys later!
~ Audrey


  1. Finally! A new post! :-P And didn't I tell you to not go through Doctor Who to fast‼ *madface*

  2. I think you need to make a new year's resolution. You need to post more often. :P
    That way your posts won't be so long. :P (again)