Monday, January 13, 2014

10 things I regret doing

Hey guys!
So, since I'm probably still doing school and have nothing interesting to post about (I write a lot of my posts in advance, then post them when I haven't posted in a while) I decided to do a prompt I found somewhere. It is obviously called "make a list of 10 things you regret doing". Which should be interesting to hear about xD By the end of this, you'll know some very random things about me. :P  Enjoy my weirdness! Also, these are in no particular order.

Biting my Brother.
So, when I was like, six, I was trying to practice piano and Abdul (my younger bro, for those of you who don't know) kept on bugging me. Granted, he was three at the time, but whatever. And I was a naive six year old who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (Can we just acknowledge how I always seem to pick the most violent thing to compare myself to O.o), so I bit him. On the hand. I was six, it's not like it hurt much! But he was three. And ended up screaming his head off. Why do I regret this? Because my punishment was NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE MY OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE. It was an ice cream cake. Which is my favorite.

Why do I even still remember this?



And, I actually wanted to get some a few years back, and I found out they discontinued it.

Thank you, Culvers. -_-

Jumping on the Bed
Another childhood thing. When I was around 7, Abdul and I were jumping on the bed, and my youngest brother, who was probably around 1 or 2, fell off onto the hardwood floor and got a concussion. I got in SO much trouble, which, for a seven year old, was staying in my room all day and going without dinner. Which, now that I think about it, is me now, except I usually do eat my room. I still regret it. I think I knocked out half of my youngest brother's brain cells. *hides from her parents who are probably reading this.*

Cutting My Hair
When I was 10 or 11, I really wanted my ears pierced, and my dad said he would only do it if I cut my hair to just below my chin. Stupid me did it. Worst. haircut. ever. I swear, if one of my family members finds this thing and resurrects one of those pictures....let's just say I'll emancipate myself.

Not Saving My Journals
Well, journals/stories. I used to write a lot when I was a kid (Well, I still do) and I really wish I hadn't either lost a lot of them or thrown them out. It'd be funny to read now. xD

Getting a Refurbished Ipod
(And yes, the ipod in question is to the left, although it is a stolen picture. And by stolen, I mean I snuck into the gigantic pictures of ipod warehouse at midnight dressed in black and climbed through a window then ran back out to the sound of barking dogs and people yelling, "Hey you! Stop!" Although, points to you if you got that reference.) I was in fourth grade, had just gotten my birthday money, and spent it on an ipod. And couldn't afford a new one. Let me tell you, that thing (which I actually still have and use now. Shuddup.) has annoyed the heck out of me over the years. Although it wasn't as annoying as my taste of music five years ago.

Not Getting Two Door Cinema Club Tickets
I'm still not over it. And what's even worse is that my cousin went and saw them a few weeks later. THANKS A LOT. 

Putting My Hand on the Stove
I obviously wasn't the brightest child. Then again, I did just put my hand on my lamp and my finger nearly burned off. It still hurts to type. THIS IS THE PAIN I GO THROUGH TO BLOG. APPRECIATE IT.

Hiding Things
And by this, I mean emotions and stuff. I mean, I still do that now, but way back when, I never said ANYTHING about how I really felt, and I really wish I did now that I look back. 

Caring What People Thought
Yet again, I still do this now. But when I was younger, I was the WORST. One time, in like, fifth grade, some kid told me my name was stupid, and I went and cried for an hour. Not even kidding xD Luckily, I'm much better with this. 

I'm lying. If insulted, I go and cry for hours. 


Quitting Piano
Well, in eighth grade, I decided I was sick of piano and quit.Then, I went back and got a new teacher in ninth grade. But catching up? Ugh. ABDUL AND I DO THE SAME STUFF NOW. AND HE'S THREE YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME. Talk about humbling. xD

And, that is all! Well, actually, these were the only things I could think of off the top of my head. Hopefully you enjoyed! Also, if you have anything you want me to speak about or something, tell me in the comments, because, as always, I am low on ideas.


  1. This was great, Audrey! You certainly had an interesting life. On "Caring What People Thought", I'm not gonna lie. I LOLd. XD

  2. On the piano thing...I quit piano last year too. But I started guitar. Which I much prefer.