Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Hey sir, can you give me a piggyback ride?"

Don't question the title.

This is a normal sentence.


Alright. One boredom post documenting my week, coming up.

Ugh. My brother is bothering me. As he has been all. week.
I've been babysitting.
I almost died.
My 8 year old brother.....he's a gem.

So....what have I been doing this week?

Then on Wednesday, I went to this thing called Frontline, at our church. Pretty much a game night. We played Human Foosball (conclusion: I am even worse at sports than I thought.), and Capture the Flag. The latter happens to be one of my favorite games. I was put in charge of guarding the jail, along with another guy who had been guarding before me. Apparently, before I got there, he got really bored. And this happened:

*boy enters jail*
Boy: Someone, help!
Guard: No one's going to bail you out, kid. (a bunch of sixth graders were there, and this kid was one)
Boy: What about...Mr. Washington?
Guard: Huh?
Boy: *pulls out a dollar bill*
Guard: You deserve to be free.

He didn't even take the money. That kid deserved it. But not much was happening, so we....kinda got bored. A bunch of people were in the jail, and so we said if they entertained us they could get out. They got desperate. We had people singing (the bad singers we kept in even longer xD), dancing, telling jokes, balancing spoons on their noses, etc etc. One guy bribed us with 5 dollars. And because we're us.....

We took the money and split it. What do you expect?

On Friday, we went on a picture scavenger hunt. We had wayyyyy too much fun. We had to go all around town and take a picture with stuff. For example:

Asking a stranger for a piggyback ride. (We did this one at Chick-Fil-A, and I had to bribe "E" with an ice cream cone if she did it. Haha.)

Re enact a Disney scene in public.

Ask a random stranger to hold up a sign that says Raphael. (This guy was alone, Irish dancing in a park. We had to interrupt him and ask him to do it xD)

Juggle in public, and have strangers applaud.

Duck walk across a street. (This team apparently got honked at. haha.)

Take a picture on a firetruck. (We were the last team to get there, and the firefighters obviously knew why we were there. Haha.)

We had to do the YMCA in front of the YMCA. (This is the only picture I'm in, hence the filter so you can't really zoom in and see my face clearly enough. Haha.) 

And the guy's attempt at getting bonus points by taking random pictures. I don't quite know what's going on here.

We also had to have a specific prop in every picture. Our team had to have a world map, the guys had to have a giant orange cone, and the youngest team, mostly comprised of 6th graders, had to have a broken electric guitar. Let me tell you, you get really weird looks when you're walking through Walgreens, looking for a stranger to hug, carrying this 3x4 feet world map.

We had so much fun! Although I was kind of worried we might get yelled at by some people. Like when we had to touch the roof of this random yellow car. (it's an inside joke at my church) Thank goodness they didn't have a car alarm. We parked, ran out, took the picture, and ran back into the car and drove away in the space of 60 seconds. Or when the people at Chick-Fil-A were looking at us weird when we started taking pictures with a tiny decorative cow there. Or when we started juggling in the middle of Burger King.

I'd say we had fun.

And we won! :D

That's all for now. Oh! My brothers are starting school tomorrow....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Also, I'm thinking of doing this magical thing called....VLOGGING. If I get my parents approval to do it, I'd probably vlog 2 or 3 times a week. About what? I have no idea. But I liked vlogging on my Kentucky trip, and I want to do it more. And actually be able to put it up on Youtube! (Make it unlisted, though. :/ ) Would you guys watch it if I decided to do it?

Okay, that's really all for now.

~ Audrey

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