Sunday, June 2, 2013

There's Been a Death in the Family

Yes, it's true.
My headphones are dead.
They held on for a long time, almost 2 months! And considering I usually go through earbuds every 2 weeks, this is an accomplishment.
This is how I felt when I suddenly ceased hearing this in my left ear....
I fell to my knees and clutched my precious headphones to my chest, praying that it was just a dream. But alas, it was not so. I buried my family member in the trash can. I am sentimental, aren't I? Why is an electronic device related to me, you ask? Well, I spend more time with them than my actual family. Sad to say, but it's true. I have ordered another pair on Amazon, but I will have to suffer FOUR WHOLE DAYS using my brother's cruddy ones. I don't know if I can make it.
In other news, WE GOT A HEDGEHOG.
I kid you not. It is SO ADORABLE. But we can't think of a name for her. Any suggestions?
Lastly, hi Qaya. I hope you are satisfied with my blog. ;) (The rest of you, ignore this, haha)
I'm working on a summer bucket list right now (including a ginger party ;) ) and I was super excited to show it to you all, and computer crashed. Please click the NOOOO above to hear my scream of sorrow. I am reconstructing it tomorrow, so you can see my crazy ideas for this summer. I'm pretty sure I've already traumatized the few friends I have left, but if anyone has stuck around then this will definitely scare them off.
Audrey :D

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