Friday, June 14, 2013

STOP! Birthday Time!

Sorry, I'm hyped up on birthday cake.

But anyway, it was my little bro's bday today! (Okay, I wrote this a few days ago. It's not anymore, haha :) )
He's now the big one-two. Only one year before he's a teenager. O.O Oh no....Na, the real one I'm worried about is my psychopathic youngest brother. He scares me. Okay, imagine my weirdest, worst, most sadistic qualities, and multiply it by 10. Scaring you yet? Now imagine that in a bratty 8 year old form.
Just kiddin'. I love him :) But seriously, I worry about him. He has a good side though; for example, in celebration of my technical middle-school graduation (I say that because according to public schools, I'm in 8th grade. Which is SO annoying, but also fun, because when people underestimate me, I can wow them with my homeschooler high-school knowledge. :D I take mostly high-school classes, though.) he bought me a cute snoopy doll with a graduation hat and a necklace :) Awww....
Back to my other brother...
So, for his birthday, he went to this trampoline place. Me? I stayed home and cleaned *sigh*
And, of course, duct-taped my ceiling fan. Don't judge me. All the colors blend together when it spins, so it looks AWESOME.

Also for my graduation, my grandpa sent me a gift card for my Kindle! YES! I have a serious problem with buying books and music. I need help. It's bad, guys.
What else is new with me?
Well, starting on Monday, I am doing this week long thing at the community college near us. It's like a camp, pretty much. They have a bunch of different ones. I am taking drama (According to my friends and parents, I don't need any help with that. I'm not quite sure what they meant. I mean, I am not dramatic at all! :P ) and debate (when I told my friends that, they said "You're going to be awesome! You're always arguing!" Oh, gosh, you guys should see my in school. I read into things so much, and then I argue my points. For example, vocab question:
Which of these things are necessary to survive?
A. Food B. Water C. Shelter D. Entertainment.
I put all of them. My logic is that you can have food and shelter and stuff, but you would be so starved for entertainment that you would do something drastic, like trying to learn how to walk on a tightrope. Of course, the only tightrope around would be an electrical pole, causing you to not only fall 50 feet, but be electrocuted as you plummeted to the concrete. I ended up getting the class riled up, and we debated for like 10 minutes until my teacher got angry. But really, I had some logical points! I bring entertainment into my classmates mundane lives! Needless to say, I am a memorable student. Okay, anyway, yeah, I'm taking debate. Got a little off-topic there.) Hopefully, I might be the second best AIO debater - after Ryan Matlock, of course :). My mother didn't realize that you could have taken the two classes in different weeks, instead of two classes in one day. So I'm taking drama in the morning, then debate in the afternoon. I'm getting there at 8:00 AM and staying till 5:00 PM O.O. This should be interesting. These poor teachers...
Well, I'm off to "bed" (aka staying up until midnight reading).
Bye guys!


  1. The switch has been flipped. The Ceiling DUCT TAPED!!!!!

  2. Ha ha! @ Will
    Very entertaining post, Audrey-with-a-D. (Say, Audry is the name of my crush! Wow. Awkward. Why did I say that? Because it's AWKWARD! Bwahaha... Done.)
    Anyhow, you have a problem buying books? Me too. It always seems to find a way to get complicated... It's something I tend to put off. Then I get frustrated and wonder why there's I can't find something to read. Fortunately though, I always dig something up, I can't stand being without a book. I'm often noted for bringing books literally everywhere. I call the books that are always attached to my hand, "My other half."
    Anyhoo, nice hearing about your siblings... even if they ruin your life. :) Chow.