Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the Road Again.....

Well, I'm about halfway through this tedious, long, boring drive to Arkansas. I've learned a few things so far:
1. Don't ever willingly lock yourself in a small space with my eight year old brother. This is how our trip has looked:
Him: "Are we there yet?"
Dad: "No."
10 minutes later
Him: "How about now?"
Dad: "No."
10 minutes later
Him: "Ugh, are we there yet?"
Dad: "No!"
10 minutes later
Him: "Are we there ye-"
Dad: *throws him out the window*

Okay, that didn't actually happen. But trust me, we're all thinking it. 

2. Texas is BIG. 
We've been driving for about 4 hours now, and so far everything looks like this: 
Without the weird effects, of course. I've been a bit bored. Hopefully we might see a bush or something; let's mix it up! I actually started counting the amount of cows there are every mile. So far, the record is 35. 

3. There are a LOT of small towns.
I also have been keeping a list of the towns and their population. The majority of them have less than 500 people . One town consisted of about 75 people. I've seen every Texas stereotype there is hanging out at a Dairy Queen. Along with a Cowboy Country Church. 

4. Odyssey is in Texas. 
Forget all those mentions of Texas in AIO, I have found Odyssey. We passed by :
A. Campbell College, where a man in a vest was walking to his car. Of course, I started yelling for my dad to stop the car, causing us to almost hit another vehicle. My parents unanimously decided to continue on instead of letting me meet Eugene. They just don't understand. 
B. Maple Street. I didn't see anyone yelling conspiracy theories, though.
C. First Street, where, I kid you not, these kids were on bikes throwing mud. Side note: do the people who always comment first on things live on First street? 
D. An Antique shop where two old people were putting up a new sign that said Under New Ownership, and a man who looked like Jason was shaking their hand.

Okay, that one was a lie. But the rest are true! Road trip to re-find Odyssey, anyone? 
Well, it seems like my other brother has found something to do. He just pulled out his laptop to start on a new string of code. At least I'm not that bored.

*gasp* Power lines! There is civilization! :) 
Well, I'm going to go see if this civilization has wifi. Talk to you guys later! :)


  1. Does it matter if this civilization has wifi? You clearly have Internet service on your phone, since you made this post.

  2. Well, I wrote it on my phone, and then published it when we stopped at a Starbucks. Now I'm hacking into Subway's wifi.

  3. I enjoyed this post very much, Audrey. It was excellent. Hope you have fun with whatever you're doing on your trip. :)

  4. Hahaha! Great post Audrey! Have a great time!