Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Put Bland Adjectives in Front of Titles

It's time for the very first edition of Audrey's Random Ramblings! This episode....Road Edition. This is what popped into my head and wrote down while we were driving. Unedited. It's a bit scary where I will let my mind go. 
(We left at 10:32)
I passed a place called Good Donuts. Personally, I believe that putting an adjective  such as good in front of a name emphasizes, not that the thing is good, but that it is so terrible that you need to put a lie in front of the title to help it out. Needless to say, I will not be visiting Good Donuts or any other place that has an overused generalized adjective in front of it. 

What if this universe is just a speck in another, and we just don't know it? The majority of humans accept the world they are placed in. Few try to explore, and learn. The fleas on a dog, for example. I can't say I know what a flea thinks, but I'm sure many do not know that the dog they feed off of is just the tip of the iceberg. What if we are the fleas, and we haven't even scratched the surface of what is out there? 

I've never understood why Taco Bell is so often combined with other restaurants. I have also seen that when you drive into Tack Bell, everybody orders from there, not the Pizza Hut it's combined with. Is it that people believe that they have to order pizza from somewhere that looks like it would have pizza? Or is it too expensive? Maybe they just don't like pizza. But if there was a self standing Pizza Hut next to the Taco Bell, I ave no doubt that people would go to it. 

Why is 1:11 such a special time? Whenever three numbers line up, we need to make a wish, or say, 3:33, or something. It's just a time, like any other time. And just like any other time, within 60 seconds, it will click away to a different sequence of numbers which aren't as special. 
 The town of Carthage is coming up in 23 miles. However, I am knowledgeable in ancient world history, and I know that Carthage was actually a city on the tip of Africa that was always fighting Rome. It was eventually destroyed by a man named Cato, who was famous or saying ( what else ) Carthage must be destroyed! So road sign, do not lie to me. I know that the real Carthage is not in 23 miles. The majority of the world just glances at the sign and forgets about it in two seconds. But I am different. I am smart. ;)

 How would you describe colors to someone who was blind since birth? Think about it. It's very difficult. 


 Are we there yet?! 


How could also become who. Think about it.

 I just passed an orange lake. Now, most people would think that it is contaminated. However, during my trip to the Grand Canyon, I learned that most orange lakes are that color because of the dirt around it. That dirt contains small traces of iron dust, which seep into the water. So I could go swimming in that orange lake and freak a bunch of people out. Of course, knowing my luck, I would end up swimming in the one lake that is toxic. 

 That bulldozer is just sitting unattended in that field. Anybody could hotwire it and steal it. Of course, first you would need to get it running, then know how to drive it, somehow hide it from the cops, and anyway, who steals a bulldozer, of all things? 

I just saw a train track that split off into a junkyard. STOP MOM I NEED TO GO MEET UNCLE WALLY AND JAY

I just realized....I'm sitting in the way back. Okay, get ready. *insert lyrics to the way back here because I don't sing sorry Kay bye* *realizes she sang sick of it earlier* *realizes that no one can hear me anyways* DON'T EAT THAT STALE CHEETO!

 That is a LOT of cows.

*Listening to Fast in my Car*
*realizes that we're going 10 miles over the speed limit*



Wow. How do I have friends? 
Anyway, what else is new in my fantastic life? 
Well, I am starting piano again. I've played since I was 5, and stopped last August. But I have decided to try it again; pray that it works out! I hope that I haven't lost everything I learned. I tried a few weeks ago to play my 5th grade brother's song, and I did it-barely. *gulp* I need some practice.

Also, I might possibly be going back north this summer! I lived in Wisconsin for 8 years, and haven't been back to Illinois(where my family lives) or Wisconsin since we moved. My parents jumped at the chance to get me out of the house for a few weeks, and are more than happy to send me off. And the chance to stay with my awesome cousins, see my grandparents, and avoid my brothers? Sign me up! It's only a possibility right now, but I really hope it works out. 

Also, one of the things we do every year is make videos with our cousins. Usually they are happy sounding videos with a twisted ending, but this time we decided to do a fake ad. Unfortunately, I can't post it right now because my cousin cannot send it to me. But when I receive it in a few days, I will show it to you guys! I think it's funny, and hopefully you will too ;)
So, I need a thumbnail photo, so how about a picture of me I found at my grandmas house? ;)

Hmm. Interesting. And I have no idea what is on my shoulder. I think it's a hair ribbon that looks like it's burning. But I am sitting in front of the fire. A picture of me burning to death, lovely.

I actually found one of the videos we made last year on Youtube. We made a few more, but I couldn't find them. (I am not in this one. These are my cousins.) Enjoy our twisted sense of humor. And I apologize for the terrible quality. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Bacon For Me

For some reason, this house is devoid of the delicious fatty food we call bacon. :/ 

Besides that obvious flaw, (and the fact that there is rarely a phone signal) Arkansas is awesome. In case I didn't mention it before, our family is here for our annual visit at my grandma's house to see our cousins from Illinois. And it sure has been....interesting.  Our cousins are around our ages, so it makes it much more fun. Of course, having not seen each other in a year, we have to catch up.

While balancing spoons on our noses, dyeing my hair blue (it washes out), and turning my brother into an emo child. It's better not to ask.

 I also had a lovely conversation with my aunt as we attempted for an hour to find the right road to the pool. We went on a magical adventure where we saw forgotten paths and mystical creatures that looked like unicorns without horns. I hear some cultures call them deer. Note to self: don't trust my aunt for directions. My legs are about to fall off, which won't be very helpful when we go tubing. Unfortunately, God has different plans, at least according to the weatherman. I have a new line for Blimeycows YOLO video:

"Going swimming while a lightning storm rages around me because I want to be electrocuted. YOLO."

Come on, you know you read that in Jordan Taylor's voice. ;)

Our grandparents have a house that is set on a steep hill that leads down to a lake, so we can go kayaking and swimming often. That also means we've got a few critters, like this guy: 

Why is this turtle hiding? Well, besides a screen in its face, my youngest brother has been terrorizing the animals. I'm glad we don't have a dog; we might get arrested for animal cruelty because of him. Kids these, that made me sound really old.

Another thing that we older kids are bonding over is Craigslist phone calls. I'm sure many of you are familiar with these, but if you aren't, it's when you go through the free section on Craigslist and  find some really weird stuff. Then you call the number for it and, at least for us, it goes something like this:
Us: Hi, is this the Craigslist ad for broken concrete?
Them: Yes it is.
Us: Oh, good. I'm interested in picking it up. Can I ask you a few things about it?
Them: Uh, I guess. 
Us: Hypothetically, could you use this concrete to knock someone out? Not kill them or anything, just a bump on the head. Also, how much concrete is there? Hypothetically, could you bury a dead body under there?
Them: What?!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that they almost called the cops. But let me tell you, it was HILARIOUS. There are some really weird people in the world. Including us. 

Well, I'm off to wish my brothers well as they leave to camp. This should be interesting. I'll leave you with this picture of the lake. 

Nice, isn't it? 
Talk to you guys later!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the Road Again.....

Well, I'm about halfway through this tedious, long, boring drive to Arkansas. I've learned a few things so far:
1. Don't ever willingly lock yourself in a small space with my eight year old brother. This is how our trip has looked:
Him: "Are we there yet?"
Dad: "No."
10 minutes later
Him: "How about now?"
Dad: "No."
10 minutes later
Him: "Ugh, are we there yet?"
Dad: "No!"
10 minutes later
Him: "Are we there ye-"
Dad: *throws him out the window*

Okay, that didn't actually happen. But trust me, we're all thinking it. 

2. Texas is BIG. 
We've been driving for about 4 hours now, and so far everything looks like this: 
Without the weird effects, of course. I've been a bit bored. Hopefully we might see a bush or something; let's mix it up! I actually started counting the amount of cows there are every mile. So far, the record is 35. 

3. There are a LOT of small towns.
I also have been keeping a list of the towns and their population. The majority of them have less than 500 people . One town consisted of about 75 people. I've seen every Texas stereotype there is hanging out at a Dairy Queen. Along with a Cowboy Country Church. 

4. Odyssey is in Texas. 
Forget all those mentions of Texas in AIO, I have found Odyssey. We passed by :
A. Campbell College, where a man in a vest was walking to his car. Of course, I started yelling for my dad to stop the car, causing us to almost hit another vehicle. My parents unanimously decided to continue on instead of letting me meet Eugene. They just don't understand. 
B. Maple Street. I didn't see anyone yelling conspiracy theories, though.
C. First Street, where, I kid you not, these kids were on bikes throwing mud. Side note: do the people who always comment first on things live on First street? 
D. An Antique shop where two old people were putting up a new sign that said Under New Ownership, and a man who looked like Jason was shaking their hand.

Okay, that one was a lie. But the rest are true! Road trip to re-find Odyssey, anyone? 
Well, it seems like my other brother has found something to do. He just pulled out his laptop to start on a new string of code. At least I'm not that bored.

*gasp* Power lines! There is civilization! :) 
Well, I'm going to go see if this civilization has wifi. Talk to you guys later! :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wait, Someone's Reading This?

So....what am I supposed to say?
I'm Audrey Ray K. I'm almost 15, and live in a terrible, boring, very hot state called Texas (I'm originally from the north, so I don't really like it here) that holds some awesome, interesting, super cool people such as myself :) And, well, this is my weird life. Most of you probably know me from my Adventure in Odyssey blog, AIO Odds and Ends. And if you want to see some of my better writing, I suggest you click over there. This blog is for all the stuff I can't put on there-rants (though those will be few, probably), pictures (of me, maybe, or other things) and just my random ramblings and insights. You never know what might pop up on here....
More about me: I've got two brothers, 11 and 8, who annoy the heck out of me. But I love them, deep, deep down, somewhere. I am super talkative and sarcastic, which causes most people to run away. The people who are left I am happy to call my friends. I also love (okay, really really like, Blimeycow fans):

  • Adventures in Odyssey
  • Podcasts
  • MUSIC ( I listen to wayyyy too much. I'm usually in debt at least $20 because I keep buying more and more. It feels weird WITHOUT headphones in my ears.)
  • Reading (Yeah, so, I might have possibly bought like 50 books in 3 months....maybe.....)
  • Youtube
  • The World-Wide Interweb
  • Minecraft :D
  • Message boards, social networks, and stuff like that
  • Blogging 
  • Anything artistic/creative such as painting, drawing, writing, etc
  • Acting (although I definitely need to work on it!)
  • And a bunch more things which you will most likely find out about if you actually come back
Woah, I haven't scared you off yet? O.o That means I need to work harder.
I'm actually leaving for a vacation tomorrow morning, so I most likely won't post for a few days. But you never know...
Talk to you later!