Sunday, October 6, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey guys!
What's it been, three weeks? Wowwwww....

Anywho. Yeah. So, Christina L from Idlewild was awesome enough to give me the Liebster Award nomination or something like that. Basically, you answer the questions that the nominator gave you, then tag some other blogs with your own questions for them! :) This should be interesting.

1. Have you read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery?
You know, I probably did when I was younger, but I have no recollection of it at all. I should probably reread it. Did I like it? Apparently not, since I don't remember it.

2. What is your current favorite song?
>.> Do you know how hard this question is to answer?! Let me think.....
Okay, I got it. This.

I'm sorry I'm sorry I had to xD

3. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? Would it have any special skills? (talking, wisdom, etc.)

I would have a pet fox. It's magic skill would be saying all those noises in the video, so I could go around proving that really is what the fox says.

Just kidding. I want a unicorn.

4. What are three blogs you highly recommend?
I actually haven't been doing a ton of blog reading, so....hmmm.... well, obviously Christina L at Idlewild. I enjoy reading Ryan M's blog The Homeschooler's Day, even though he NEVER POSTS. Instead he makes videos, which are pretty awesome, check them out here. And then, probably my "sister" Sam's blog The Sam Side. She doesn't post a whole lot, but when she does, it's amazing.

5. What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?
Bodysurf or read a book, because I'm boring like that. Oh, and throw sand at my brothers. *grins evilly*

6. What book character is most like you? (or you consider to be most like yourself)
I have no clue. Do you know how many books I read?! Plus, I'm an original. I mean, where else is there going to be a brunette, brown eyed sarcastic girl who loves to read, write, talk, and  gets songs like this stuck in her head?

Probably everywhere. But I can't think of one.

7. What has been your biggest personal achievement? (got into a play, read the entire Bible, etc.)
Hiding from my dad that I'm not doing my homework?

I dunno. =P Well, let me think.

I genuinely can't think of anything. I don't do much besides, I don't know, Superior Honor Roll at School and a few piano awards.

8. What is one of your favorite Bible verses?
Isaiah 41:10, and yes, I did memorize it because of the AIO episode with that annoying as heck Danny Schmidt. "So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and uphold you with my victorious right hand."

9. If you could experience one book (only one!) for real, which would it be? Would you go as one of the characters or as yourself?
Is it weird that the first thing I thought of was Narnia? I've been talking to certain people too much.
Well, definitely not the Hunger Games, because I would die in a second. Divergent, I'd fail initiation in a heartbeat. I'm so weak. Percy Jackson, I'd get eaten by monsters. Hm. I guess I would choose Narnia, to be honest. Haha. I'd probably go as myself. Every *coughs* fictional (don't kill me...) world needs some of my special sort of awesomeness.

10. What is your favorite thing to do in the kitchen?
Obviously set off the house alarm while trying to make mac and cheese.

This seriously happened like two days ago. I was making mac and cheese on the stove while I was home alone WITH NO ADULT SUPERVISION PEOPLE *gasp*, and we didn't have any milk. So I went to the outside refrigerator to get some, forgetting that the house alarm was on....and while the alarm was going off, the water boiled over, and then, when I finally got all of that under control, I dropped the milk carton and spilled it everywhere.

Yeah. I'm a klutz.


11. Yes or No?
No. Er, yes. Yes to saying no. I'm saying no to saying yes.

I don't know.

Okay, that is all! Now, I have to write my questions....
Since I don't know many blogs, I'm just going to tag anyone reading this. Do it.

1. What does the fox say?
2. Have you ever accidentally done something that ended up in the police coming to your house?
3. Ever broken someone else's bone?
4. If you had to have either neon orange, dark purple, or bright green skin, which would you choose?
5. Favorite Youtuber?
6. Stupidest song you've ever heard?
7. Worst and best book you've ever read?
8. Most  played song on your ipod?
9. Do you own a fedora? Because, Fedoras FTW. If you do not, go and buy one.
10. Ever broken the law?
11. Favorite Doctor? (this can be interpreted many ways.)

Enjoy, all you people reading. *reaches out and tags them* Do it.

I'll probably have another post up in a few days, I just wanted to do this. Bye for now!
Oh, I need a thumbnail picture.

Don't blink.

*departs dramatically in the Tardis*
~Audrey has been watching quite a lot of Doctor Who and also has watched the Fox wayyyyy too much. Plus she's been doing Google hangouts with weird people and their weirdness is rubbing off. And, it's like 1 am. So don't judge me. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

*insert funny title here*

Hey guys!
I know. It's been FOREVER.

So, what's new with me?



Just as bad as it sounds. I started about a week and a half ago, and I'm already getting 4 hours of homework for one day! :o

But you guys don't care about that, do ya? You just want to know what weirdness I've done recently.

Well....I saw the One Direction movie.

Twice. *hides*

I WAS FORCED. I saw it once with my friend at midnight (well, actually, at 7 o clock, because the midnight showing was full.) and then I saw it with a whole group of friends the next week. And, tomorrow, they're going again, because there's an entire TWENTY MINUTES of extra footage. Whoop-e-dee-doo. Not me. I've got homework. -_- And I have to have it all done by Saturday, because....

I'm going to go see Tim Hawkins on Saturday! :D I'm pumped! :D I've enjoyed watching his videos and such for years. Him and Bob Smiley (who actually goes to a church that a bunch of my friends go to) are some of my favorite comedians.

I really can't think of much to talk about (it's been a pretty uneventful week) so I figured I'd do one of those currently things. :)


To just random stuff on Pandora. Thank goodness they FINALLY took away that stupid 40 hour listening limit that I used up in 5 days, because I think I've been listening for about 50 hours just this week! I've also been loving this remix by Capital Kings ever since a fellow message board user posted it. Omygosh. It's amazing. Listen if you're my friends who like electronicky, dubstep, all that stuff. Also, this. I'm not usually a fan of a ton of trance drops, but this song by Matthew Parker (one of the best dubstep artists EVER. ) is too good. I also decided to relisten to Paramore's newest album, and LOVE this song. It's got one of those upbeat tunes that you can't listen to without at least nodding your head.

I also finally decided to listen to Album 57. For some reason, I really haven't listened to ANY episodes. I'm slightly disappointed in myself. But from what I hear (which is everything they released on the radio, with the exception of Your Servant is Listening) it's pretty good. I really enjoyed More Than a Feeling, but I didn't really think No Chemistry Whatsoever was that great. But I'll save all that for my AIO blog that I seriously need to update.

AND. (this listening part will never end.) Welcome to Nightvale.


I'm obsessed.

In case you don't know what Nightvale is, I call it a contridiction. So, what it is, is it's a news report for a fictional town called Nightvale, where very, VERY strange things happen. However, those strange things happen to be quite funny. Why do I call it a contridiction? Well, all it is is a person with a mild, even, calm voice reading a piece of paper about the news. Sounds boring, I know. But it's kind of weird, because this calm, mediocre voice is reading about the most extraordinary things. For example. The first lines of the first episode.

Welcome to Nightvale.  The city council would like to announce the opening of a new dog park. They would also like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park. You may see hooded figures in the dog park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park. Try not to look at the dog park, and especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures. The dog park will not harm you.

Yep. Trust me, that's one of the more normal things that has been said. I've really, really enjoyed the first 10 episodes. Definitely worth listening to. However, after about episode 14, it's started to kind of go downhill for me. Mostly because it implies that the man who's reading the news, Cecil, has a crush on Carlos. Yep, a guy. :/ I mean, please, just let me listen to wacky news reports without bringing all that in. Other than that, from what I have listened to, which is episodes 1-16, the podcast is clean. It's #1 on iTunes at the moment, so you should go check it out!

Doctor Who. @_@ Omygosh. You guys. I'm addicted. If I wasn't banned from TV, I would be watching it all. day. My friend introduced it to me the same night we first say the 1D movie, and it totally made up for it! I'm currently almost done with the first season. It's amazing. I am officially a Whovian. Watch out.

The Fall of Five, the 4th book in the I Am Number Four series, came out on the 29th. 

I waited all night for it to be delivered to my kindle (I pre-ordered it), fell asleep at about 3:30 AM, woke up at 10, read it by noon, then promptly threw my kindle across the room, cursing those terrible writers for killing off my favorite character and for ending in a cliffhanger and destroying every hope I have because last book one of the Garde brought back the dead somehow and I thought they could do that with my favorite character but NONONO YOU JUST HAD TO LEAVE HIS BODY BEHIND AND RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

Okay. Rant over. Don't read the book. I legitimately cried. Why, you stupid, stupid, writers. 

Left-over birthday cake. My youngest brother turned 9 on Saturday! :D 

DOING (er, supposed to be doing)
Government homework, which I'm actually thoroughly enjoying. All my other classes? Oh, heck no. 

All right, I think that's enough.I have to go to bed anyway. =P  I won't take as long to post next time, promise!
Hopefully you enjoyed my weirdness. Hasta la Vista! (Wait, I'm taking Latin, not spanish.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Hey sir, can you give me a piggyback ride?"

Don't question the title.

This is a normal sentence.


Alright. One boredom post documenting my week, coming up.

Ugh. My brother is bothering me. As he has been all. week.
I've been babysitting.
I almost died.
My 8 year old brother.....he's a gem.

So....what have I been doing this week?

Then on Wednesday, I went to this thing called Frontline, at our church. Pretty much a game night. We played Human Foosball (conclusion: I am even worse at sports than I thought.), and Capture the Flag. The latter happens to be one of my favorite games. I was put in charge of guarding the jail, along with another guy who had been guarding before me. Apparently, before I got there, he got really bored. And this happened:

*boy enters jail*
Boy: Someone, help!
Guard: No one's going to bail you out, kid. (a bunch of sixth graders were there, and this kid was one)
Boy: What about...Mr. Washington?
Guard: Huh?
Boy: *pulls out a dollar bill*
Guard: You deserve to be free.

He didn't even take the money. That kid deserved it. But not much was happening, so we....kinda got bored. A bunch of people were in the jail, and so we said if they entertained us they could get out. They got desperate. We had people singing (the bad singers we kept in even longer xD), dancing, telling jokes, balancing spoons on their noses, etc etc. One guy bribed us with 5 dollars. And because we're us.....

We took the money and split it. What do you expect?

On Friday, we went on a picture scavenger hunt. We had wayyyyy too much fun. We had to go all around town and take a picture with stuff. For example:

Asking a stranger for a piggyback ride. (We did this one at Chick-Fil-A, and I had to bribe "E" with an ice cream cone if she did it. Haha.)

Re enact a Disney scene in public.

Ask a random stranger to hold up a sign that says Raphael. (This guy was alone, Irish dancing in a park. We had to interrupt him and ask him to do it xD)

Juggle in public, and have strangers applaud.

Duck walk across a street. (This team apparently got honked at. haha.)

Take a picture on a firetruck. (We were the last team to get there, and the firefighters obviously knew why we were there. Haha.)

We had to do the YMCA in front of the YMCA. (This is the only picture I'm in, hence the filter so you can't really zoom in and see my face clearly enough. Haha.) 

And the guy's attempt at getting bonus points by taking random pictures. I don't quite know what's going on here.

We also had to have a specific prop in every picture. Our team had to have a world map, the guys had to have a giant orange cone, and the youngest team, mostly comprised of 6th graders, had to have a broken electric guitar. Let me tell you, you get really weird looks when you're walking through Walgreens, looking for a stranger to hug, carrying this 3x4 feet world map.

We had so much fun! Although I was kind of worried we might get yelled at by some people. Like when we had to touch the roof of this random yellow car. (it's an inside joke at my church) Thank goodness they didn't have a car alarm. We parked, ran out, took the picture, and ran back into the car and drove away in the space of 60 seconds. Or when the people at Chick-Fil-A were looking at us weird when we started taking pictures with a tiny decorative cow there. Or when we started juggling in the middle of Burger King.

I'd say we had fun.

And we won! :D

That's all for now. Oh! My brothers are starting school tomorrow....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Also, I'm thinking of doing this magical thing called....VLOGGING. If I get my parents approval to do it, I'd probably vlog 2 or 3 times a week. About what? I have no idea. But I liked vlogging on my Kentucky trip, and I want to do it more. And actually be able to put it up on Youtube! (Make it unlisted, though. :/ ) Would you guys watch it if I decided to do it?

Okay, that's really all for now.

~ Audrey

Friday, August 16, 2013

it's audrey, not aubrey, aubdrey, or audbrey

Hey guys!
Guess where I am?

If you guessed Manchester, Kentucky, you're right! 
If you also guessed in the car back home, you are also correct. I seem to write the most in the car.
Of course, I'm usually with my brothers, not with a girl hyped up on 6 donuts, three people trying to sleep, another girl punching the roof of the van, two people singing at the top of their lungs, and then a youth pastor just encouraging it all.

If you're reading this, GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Just kidding. That was the ride there. The ride back?

I don't want to speak of it. "E", who, even though he has excellent taste in music ( Dubstep, alternative rock, and Two Door Cinema Club for the win!) is currently attempting to dougie as "F" licks people's elbows and "W" and "C" sing Taylor Swift.

Help me.


So have you guys ever heard the song "What's up?" Well, our youth pastor has. Many times, seeing as he sang the chorus at the top of his lungs every. Single. Day. He also changed the words around to fit the situation. For example:


Or this one, sung by another girl about our leader on the trip:


Yeah. That's not even all that's been going on this trip. There's a game we play called "What are the odds?" Basically, you give someone a dare, (for example, one that I had to do was take 5 pictures with my friend "W". It was horrific.) and then you ask them what the odds are that they would do that dare. They could go as low as 1 in 5, and as high as 1 in 1,000. Then, they count to three, and yell out at the same time a number between the odds they picked. Like if they picked 1 in 5, they had to yell out a number between 1 and 5. If it's the same number, they have to do it.

Some that we had to do was have our youth pastor take a creepy picture of te youth leader, blow it up to poster size, have him autograph it, then put it on our currently vacationing pastor's bathroom door.

Quite a welcome home present.

Or, nine weeks ago, when our youth leader was forced to start wearing an ugly goodwill vest at the worksite everyday.

And when I won against "A", a guy my age in the group, I made him sing One Direction in front of the kids at VBS. it was only two lines, but it was priceless.

And when "F" made me draw a shaving cream mustache and leave it on while cleaning up. She also made me put shaving cream on my tongue for 30 seconds. =P yuck. 

Anyway, I bet you're wondering what happened on the trip besides all of this craziness. You think that was crazy? Not even close. 

<insert a vlog that i took of "J" singing a made-up KFC song, along with some other craziness that I can't post because I am in it, and ugh, my face....>


What were we doing in Kentucky? 
We were staying at God's closet.

Basically, since Manchester is very poor, people who need clothes can come by and pick up a certain number of items.  It's really nice. 

Since I doubt any of you amazing readers know anything about Manchester, I will recount to the best of my ability what the youth leader told us. If I have any facts wrong, I apologize. =P

5 years ago, Machester was one of, if not the biggest, drug abused cities in the USA.  Almost everyone was on drugs, including the mayor, the chief of police, etc etc. So of course, they did nothing about it, even encouraging it. 

Those people? They're in jail now. Because the churches of Manchester said, "Hey. This isn't right." They wrote petitions, campaigned, signs, approaching non-drug addict officials, and they finally got their way. 

Even after all of this, however, 50% of people in Machester are still on some kind of drug. When we went around to houses asking if any of the kids wanted to come to VBS, every house and apartment had the lingering scent of cigarette smoke, mostly because if you just began to withdraw from drugs, it was be easier to slowly stop by taking cigarettes instead of crack or cocaine. A little girl who couldn't have been older than 5 came to our VBS, and when she gave me a hug, she smelled so much like smoke that I had to try not to cough. It's really sad.

But Manchester is also called the city of hope. It went from the entire government being corrupted and everyone on drugs  to youth all around America driving in to help teach kids about God, build and repair houses, give away clothes, etc. and while it still has lots of problems, it is so much better than it once was.

So what did we do there?

Let me give you a run-down through our daily schedule. 

6:15 : If you're on breakfast duty, this is when you start cooking. We were all divided into teams of three for breakfast and dinner prep and cleaning crew. 

7:15 : Eat! We didn't just have cereal and things like that, but also homemade muffins, French toast, cinnamon rolls, and even more good stuff =)

8:15: Devotions. This week we've been learning about Elisha. I must have 5 devotion books at home, but I never really used them. But now I am. It was an interesting experience for me, seeing as I've never really done them and now have to do them every day for 45 minutes. But it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

9:00: Leave for the work site. This summer, we were helping repair a man named Spencer's house. Teams of teens had been working on the extremely damaged house all summer, but we were the last team. That meant we got to see the house finished! This week, we put up siding. A LOT of siding. And I had to climb on a ladder. A very, very, very high ladder, where I then had to let go and trust the the spotters below will hold me as I lean way over and try to nail in some siding. I actually like heights. Give me a trip to the Empire State Building and I'll stand on the roof any day. But whenever I am the one deciding whether or not I fall? Such as ladders, rope courses, etc? No. Nonononononononono. This is how a lot of the ladder climbing seemed to me:

Person: hey Audrey, can you go hammer  in that nail?
Me: *looks up* ...All the way up there? Butbutbutbutbut.... *realizes I haven't done anything yet* fine....
Person: I'll spot you.
*le me climbs on ladder*
*le me looks down*
Me: woah.....uh guys are so tiny down there....and I'm so high up....and this ladder isn't sturdy, and....OKAY OKAY LET ME DOWN BEFORE I FALL AND DIE
person: *rolls eyes* Audrey, you're only on the first step. 

Okay, that might be a bit of exaggeration, but that's what it felt like.

The first two days it was raining, so we had to set up tarps. However, the ground was still muddy and gross. So, of course, someone was due to jump off the last rung of the ladder, and then slip down a hill covered in mud. "Mudslide", I'm looking at you. To be honest, I was SO surprised I didn't fall and die. I am such a klutz.

We also painted a little, our youth pastor installed a tiny little mailbox thing (you have no idea how proud he was of that =P) , did window trim, and just made the place look even better. We also took pick axes and broke up the dirt so we could spread seed. "E", who plays Minecraft,
said now he understood how Steve felt. =P

We were the last team, so we got to see the house dedicated just yesterday. It was so awesome! The house looked great. 

12:00: lunch, where we usually played what are the odds. I got "E" to eat a cookie using a dirty fork that he found stuck in the ground as he was breaking up the dirt. He also found a shirt, thermometer, doll head, coat hanger...

12:50 : Back to work!

3:45 : Leave the worksite, where we drove to the small park where we ran the VBS and started setting up. Then, "A"  and I would go with our youth leader to our van, where we would drive up to the apartments and picked kids up. Let me tell you, the 6 minute drive with kids who "want to jump out the window and flip the car over because it would be so awesome! I've done it before. Just let me do it!" is...interesting.

4:00 : We officially start VBS. We told a bible story, did a craft and a missionary story, and of course, had snacks and played games. I'm pretty sure half the kids only came because on the third day we got to throw a pie in someone face ( the kid who won the right got to throw it in the youth leader's face. He has a red beard, so she was determined to get whipped cream in it) and because we had chocolate chip cookies.

6:00 : Drop the kids off, then go back to
God's closet and start dinner. 

7:15 : Dinner! We had things like tacos, spaghetti, chicken, fajitas, etc etc. 

8:15 : Team time, where we would discuss how today went, how we could improve, and encouraged each other using beads. A red one for leadership, a green one for compassion, a white one for service, and a blue one for risk taking.  Every night, we could give one bead to someone. I got a blue bead for risk taking  (aka, climbing  on that death ladder) from a chaperon and a white bead for service from my youth pastor. Each bead is accompanied with why you were giving that particular bead to that particular person, and the words my youth pastor said I will remember for a long time. =)

10:30ish :Lights out!

However, yesterday was different.

We went to a national park for devos, and to explore. Since the house was done and VBS was over, we drove an hour and a half to Gray's arch, a gorgeous rock formation. Half the time I couldn't even concentrate on devos, the view was so beautiful! 

Then we went to a pizza place called Miguel's, which also doubles as a campsite. 

Still not sure if that's a man with long hair or a woman with a mustache.

Afterwards, we returned home to God's Closet, where we packed, had an encouragement circle (where we went around the circle and one teen and one adult said something encouraging about each of us.) and slept for about five hours on a "bed". (Only about two of us had mattresses, the rest had a box spring.)

And that brings me to where I am now. Driving into the entrance to *cough* as we blast Vampire Weekend's "A Punk" from the speakers and dance and sing along.

Life is good.

And then, of course, I get a text from my mom saying my father has written a welcome home song and plans to sing it to me in the parking lot. 

Way to ruin the moment.

Okay, I'm out! Bye guys!
~Audrey (NEVER AUBREY. OR AUDABREY. OR AUBDREY. The first day, everyone called me Aubrey, now they just do it to annoy me. N and Will, when you call me it, I will kill you. Way to end this on a murderous note. )

Friday, August 9, 2013

a completely boring post that you don't need to bother reading

My broskie Abdul has a blog! You guys should totally check it out!
I needed a post before I leave for Kentucky.
How about this random questionnaire?

1. Name: Audrey Ray *coughs*
2. Nickname: Aud, Drey, Audria (xD), Audareya, AudPod, GoldRey, CFL, Canadian Football League, Ceilingfanlover, Stephanie (don't ask), a nickname I will not put on here even though many people on the ToO call me it, because then everyone will call me it =P, Audge (Call me this and die.) Audge-Podge (Call me this and I will kill you, then bring you back to life and kill you again. Well aren't I murderous today?)
3. Elementary school : W***** Christian Academy, Deer**** Elementary, Christian School of K****** ( the asterisks would reveal the true name, and you could google it and see pictures of little me on their websites. Haha.)
4. Sweats or jeans? Jeans
5. Oranges or apples? Oranges! (And the TCF battle continues....)
6. Do you have a crush on someone? Who wants to know?
7. Eat or drink? @_@ food.....
8. Piercings? Just my ears. And my tongue, but no one's supposed to know about that....
9. Coke or Pepsi? Root Beer
Have you ever:
10. Been in an airplane? Just got off of one Sunday!
11. Been in a car accident? When I was little, if that counts. 
12. Been in a fist fight? Oh, I've beat my brothers up a number of times *grins*
First and last:
13. First piercing: Ears.
14. First best friend? Sundae
15. First award? Superior Honor Roll
16. First crush?....I don't remember.
17. First word? Octopus. (JK, Dada. I think.)
18. Last person you talked to in person? My broskies.
19. Last person you texted? Wendy.
20. Last person you messaged? N. 
21. Last person you watched a movie with? Um....I think I watched Scooby Doo with my brothers yesterday. DON'T JUDGE ME. 
22. Last food you ate? An ice cream cone.
23. Last movie you watched in theaters? Despicable Me 2
24. Last song you listened to? Erm....All the Way by Capital Kings (Matthew Parker remix. Seriously, how did I live 14 years without knowing about Matthew Parker?)
25. Last person you hugged? My cousin 
26. Food? Anything unhealthy =P
27.drink? Cherry Coke Zero.
28. Flower? ...I have no idea.
29. Animal?, llameesecorn ( combination of llama, moose, and unicorn.) I also like platypi xD
30. Color? Turquoise 
31. Place? Matagorda, or the mysterious town where I grew up =P
32. Movie? So many....I'll just say the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, or the dawn Treader.
33. Subject? Communications. We watch YouTube for our assignments. :D
Have you ever....
34. Fallen in love with someone? I don't think so. But then again, I'm 14 4/5. 
35. Celebrated Halloween? Yep! 
36. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone. ALL THE TIME.
37. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? ALL THE TIME.
38. Eaten a whole pizza? Nope. I might, if my parents don't stop me. =P
39. Did something you regret? Hasn't everyone?
40. Broke a promise? Sadly.
41. Hid a secret? All the time. 
42. Pretend to be happy? More than most know. 
Your future?
43. Want kids? 3, not FIFTY. -_- *glares at Sammy*
44. Get married? Aren't I already? xD (as everyone gives me weird looks....don't ask.)
45. Career? Yeah. No idea what it might be, though.
Which is better in the opposite gender? ( well, this is an odd topic...)
46. Lips or eyes? Eyes.
47. Shorter or taller? Taller.
48. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous.
49. Hook up or relationship? Relationship.
50. Looks or personality? Personality.
Have you ever....
51. Lost glasses/contacts? Nope.
52. Snuck out? Um...maybe.....a couple times....okay, like 10 times. No bigee. (What, mom? I was totally kidding....)
53. Held something and dropped it? I'm a klutz. Duh. 
54. Broke someone's heart. Hopefully not! 
55. Been in love. I'm fourteen, people....
Do you believe in....
56. Yourself? Sometimes.
57. Miracles? Yes.
58. Love at first sight? Yes.
59. Santa? *whispers* no...*hides from believers*
60. Forever and always? Um...yes?
61. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yep. 
62. Who your real friends are? As in, I know who my real friends are? Yeah. 
63. Who was the last person you texted? Wasn't I asked this already? Last person I messaged now is N. 
64. Who's your best friend? Hmm. I have a few, and they're all my best friends for different reasons.
65. Guy you trust the most? My parents are probably going to read this, so I have to pretend boys are icky and I never talk to any of them. =P

Yeah. So, I'm going to be gone for a week, and needed a post. I apologize if I bored you. =P

So, pray for me on this missions trip where I will be stuck in a car for 15 hours and am not allowed to listen to anything!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pura Vida, Costa Rica, and other words I don't know the definition of

Seriously, what does Costa Rica even mean? By the coast? And the entire time we were there, people kept yelling Pura Vida at the most random times. It has me very confused.
But anyway...

Long time no see! I bet you've all been wondering... Where in the world is Carmen, Sandiego Audrey? Texas. But in an seriousness, on restriction, and then on vacation, obviously. But to make up for my 21 day absence, I have the chronicles of my vacation to Quepos, Costa Rica :D (And yes, ACTS, and all. I know. It gets even better.) Beware. I'm a terrible poet. You'll see why. Oh, and I don't really have any photos, because my dad took all the electronics I had away for the vacation.

Pack up my 30 pound suitcase (I didn't even know I had this much stuff!) and head off to the airport, where we took a 3 hour flight to San Jose. From there, we take....a death plane.

I should probably explain this a bit. The only way to Quepos from San Jose is to either drive 4 hours on perilous mountain roads, or take a very, very small plane and fly there, which takes about 20 minutes. I have always told myself that I will never ever get on one of those tiny planes. But guess what? I did. And God was looking out for me, seeing as we flew in the middle of a LIGHTNING STORM. IN A CLOUD. WITH NO VISIBILITY WHATSOEVER. I was right behind the pilot, and let me tell you, when you're already scared of going on a tiny plane, hearing the guy flying that plane say "Uh oh" and "Oops, sorry" is NOT GOOD. In fact, as we were in the middle of a cloud, the plane STALLED. Only for like a second, but still, my heart dropped.

Anyway, against all odds, I made it through alive. But it was close.

We finally made it to the hotel, and it was SO AWESOME. The resort had pretty steep walkways, so if you needed to get somewhere, you could call for a golf cart to drive you there. Let's just say I had a bit too much fun.

Me: Jeeves, call a car. I wish to dine at the resturant this evening. And do ask for the car with the white seats? It goes with my outfit.
Brother: My name is Abdul, and call the golf cart yourself.
Me: *glares* I can dream, okay?


Ziplining! In the Costa Rican rainforest!

150 feet up. And landing on platforms with no railings, 8 by 8 feet, 200 feet up, with 12 people on it. I was terrified. But it was so. much. fun. Except for the Tarzan swing. No, I'm not making that up. You swing on a rope, 200 feet in the air, over to the next platform. I can't even tell you how scared I was. But my brother? Instead of landing on the platform like everyone else, he swung back and forth, then landed. It was fun after I was on the ground.
But seriously, if you ever have the chance to go ziplining, I highly recommend it.

That night, however, was not good. Why? Two words: bug bites.
I didn't see a single mosquito bite in the flipping rainforest, but at dinner? As I was attempting to not itch, I wrote a haiku. Because I'm totally a poet.

Mosquito Bites: A Haiku
Mosquitoes sure suck.
I have bug bites everywhere.
Why must I taste so darn sweet?

That's not even the worst poem in this post. Believe me. I think the only poem I've ever written that I didn't immediately hate was my homework limerick. My teacher kinda got mad. (In case you want to read it, here it is.
Homework is stupid and terrible
For teens it is completely unbearable
It should be abolished
And all homework demolished
The damage it does is irreparable.

This is what happens when my teacher tells me to write a poem about homework. Anyway...)

Beach day! It is so pretty there; it's even better than the picture.  And it was completely empty. There's two beached near us; one was a public, crowded beach, and then there was a small, secluded, hotel owned beach. We went to the latter, obviously. But the waves are CRAZY. Omygosh, we got knocked down just by the force of them at least 20 times. My poor mother was worried sick; she couldn't take her eyes off of us. And there was so much sand. I wrote a poem about it as I attempted to scrub the sand out of my hair.

Sand: Another terrible poem by me
Sand, sand, everywhere
Sand, sand, in my hair
Sand, sand, it's all over
Sand, sand, on my shoulder
Sand, sand, I hate it
Sand, sand, I'm a horrible poet

I told you.

(Spare me the ACTS teasing, will you?)
White water rafting! 
I was soaked. That might be because of the waves, or because I decided to go swimming in the river. Totally meant to. Yeah. No, I really did. It was getting back into the boat that was less than graceful. I'd call the rafting the best part of the vacation. It was from about 8 to 4, so we were gone most of the day. But my transportation curse continued.

What, you say?

Well, the bus that we were taking was 2 minutes away from our hotel when it ran out of gas. ON A HILL. Luckily, it didn't completely roll backwards or anything, but we did have to wait a bit for a new bus to arrive. We also had to listen to angry Costa Rican's attempt to go around us on a crowded hill. But hey, we survived. ;)

In the morning, we walked along the beach over to a tiny little town mostly filled with tourist shops. We got bombarded a few times walking; people kept trying to sell us anything from pots to parasailing tours. (Which I really wanted to do, but sadly, you have to either A. be over 18, or B. Go with someone who is over 18. My dad hates heights, and my mom would never do that. So unfortunately, I guess I'll have to wait a couple years. =P ) We did get a few things at the shops, though. After that, we went over to the beach again, and then took a free tortilla making class. Conclusion: I will never be a chef. But my family seemed to enjoy it.

In the morning, we went swimming again. On the far side of the beach, there was a bunch of rocks that were crawling with hundreds of hermit crabs. So what were us kids to do? Make a hermit crab racetrack, of course! We got around 20 hermit crabs, spent half an hour on a structure that could resemble a hermit crab track if you looked the right way, and watched the hermit crabs immediately try to escape. After we made the walls higher, we actually managed to race them. We got a few stares as we cheered our favorites on, but it was fun. That is, until the tide came in and the racetrack were brutally demolished, while the hermit crabs were swept out to sea. It was fun while it lasted.

Later that day we went on a Hanging Bridge tour. See the photo to your left. They're pretty much bridges all throughout the rain forest that are hundreds of feet in the air. It was gorgeous! And at the end, you can go swimming in a small river. I wasn't planning to go in, but you guys know how graceful I am. Of course I slipped on the rocks and fell in. *bows* Thank you, thank you. I know.

Even later, we went on a night hike at a nature reserve. Night time happens to be when all the creepy crawlies come out. And I am NOT a fan of bugs. I give you this example from a few days ago:

Me: *walks into room*  *sees cockroach on ground*
Brother: I can just squish it. It's just a roach.
Brother: *squishes it* You happy?
Brother: *shows it to me*
Brother: *flushes it down toilet* You done?
Me: Fine.

But I lived through it. I'm only squeamish about roaches. =P

The last day. *sobs* We packed up all of our stuff and left for the death plane, which I miraculously survived. Then another plane ride back to *coughs*, and I'm home!

Of course, that's not all.
I am leaving for Kentucky on a missions trip for a week, starting Saturday. I'm off to paint houses and run a vacation Bible school! I can't wait! So, I will see you guys in a few weeks! Maybe before, if you're lucky. ;)

~ Audrey

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I see these done on lots of blogs, and I figured it's a good way to keep my posting up.

Youtube. Ah, Youtube. I'm not joking when I say I only know what day it is because a new youtube video from a channel I like comes out today. I don't even call it Monday anymore, I call it Messy Monday. I've been watching a Youtube show called Internet Icon (it's like American Idol kinda, but it's with Youtube videos.) and the second season has been hosted by The Brothers Riedell. I decided to check out their videos. One of the best decisions ever. They're clean (which is so hard to find now), funny, interesting, etc etc. If you want to check out one of their videos, I suggest Recovery, Worst Neighbor Ever, and Beyond Attached. I've been watching every video by them. O_O Whenever I find a new Youtuber, I must watch every video by them. Ever. Do you guys have any suggestions?

My lovely, wonderful grandmother bought me a book called Uglies, and while the title sounds very weird, it is REALLY good. Sadly, my parents took away my Kindle ( that's where I get a lot of my books, and they are wayyyyy cheaper than buying them at Barnes and Noble or something. ) so I can't buy the next book. *sobs* The life of a reader.

This. It is perfection.  So is this.  And this is pretty good too, but it's nothing like the other two.  This weirdo named Ben introduced me to Matthew Parker, and he just came out with a remix album. All I had to do was listen to that first song up there and I started scrambling for money. It's only the demo though, sadly. But I've been attempting to sell stuff, find money in couch cushions, anything. I'm desperate.

Brownies. Yum :)

Organizing my room. Sigh. I usually get tired of how my room looks after a week, so I'm constantly rearranging it. But now I got a new desk and bed, so I have to change everything around. Right after I got it how I liked it. First world problems.

I doubt you would want to know. My mind is a scary place. O_O

My grandma left today, sadly. :'( I miss her already! Also, my friend left for Taiwan for TWO MONTHS. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Well, I wanted to try out Minecraft 1.6 FINALLY, but this happened:

Me: I can finally play on the computer! *does happy dance while starting the computer up*
Me: All set! Now let's click on Minecraft and start!
*le me clicks*
Me: Why isn't it loading?
Me: ABDUL (not real name)
Abdul: What now?
Abdul: I'm playing Portal 2.
Abdul: I'm busy. *disappears into room*
Me: *runs after him and pounds on the door*
Me: But....but.....*sobs*

First world problems.
But yeah, my broskie got Portal 2! I can't wait to play it! Thank goodness for a brother who buys all these games so I don't have to :D

Talking To:
This guy. -_- Who doesn't know I'm blogging about him at this very moment. *laughs manically* And who doesn't really read my blog, so I should be safe in saying that he's a total weirdo. ;)  

And my friend who is in an undisclosed location right now, because I know she's reading this and will kill me if I say where she is. *whispers* A- *is cut off by a hand over her mouth*

This blog post, duh. Who came up with these Currently things anyway?

What? I'm smart already. :D
Well, I'm learning that you probably shouldn't try to talk to your dad as he is attempting to take apart a bed. And that you should tell your mother if you plan on taking the gumball machine and carrying it into your room to see how it looks.
And that you should put your ipod in a safe place, otherwise it might get mixed in with everything in your room as you move it around.
Also, heels hurt. Which is why I'm more of a Converse girl.
Last but not least, I need to lock my door, otherwise my brothers will bring in my mom's mini exercise trampoline and use it as a springboard to jump on my bed while I'm off getting a drink of water. *sigh* If I didn't need "Abdul" to fix Minecraft for me, he would be out on the street with a sign saying Homeless and Hungry.

(Yeah, yeah, two blog posts in two days? Give the girl a prize (or a fire extinguisher), she is on fire!)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

parades make no sense

(I wrote this first paragraph on the 4th, but my parents took away my electronics, so I couldn't manage to sneak on long enough to finish it.)

I am currently sitting on the dead-grass sidelines of the annual Fourth of July parade.

This is the most stereotyped thing I've ever seen. Yeah, we live in Texas. That doesn't mean that we all blast country musi out of our four wheel drive monster truck and grill burgers on the hood. (Yes, this is a real float.) I also do not understand the point of parades. Think about it. You watch people walk. For hours. Maybe you'll see a police car or fire truck demonstrate loudly what sounds it could make. Occasionally a terrible middle school marching band could be heard. Texas soccer moms (and if you live in Texas, you know what I'm talking about) pull their bratty children in decorated wagons as the kids obnoxiously scream happy fourf of july. Consider this: Your life is so dull and uninteresting that you willingly set up an uncomfortable lawn chair at 9 am in 100 degree weather to watch me ride my bicycle in what looks like a protest march. Please explain your logic to me as I sit at home in an air conditioned room sipping a soda and watching a much more interesting parade on TV.

The one thing I feel most sorry for is the poor sign language gorilla, Koko, as she turns 42 with no recognition.

As some might know from the old boards, I said, "To heck with patriotism" and wore black, green, and yellow, the color opposites of red, white, and blue. Why? Well, I didn't have a red shirt, but it was more in protest of being forced to go to the parade. :P And, of course, there was a deeper meaning. (Isn't there always with me?) Our country is going in the exact opposite direction it started with, so why not wear the exact opposite colors?

Other than that, since you last saw me not much has happened. My best friend left for Taiwan for two months (she's from there), my dad celebrated another birthday as I made a bunch of "you're getting so old" jokes, I read another 20 or 30 books, and best of all, MY GRANDMA IS HERE! Yay!

My grandma flew down here from up north 3 days ago, and it has been AWESOME. I haven't seen her since Christmas. And, after seeing what a brat my brother has turned into, I don't think she's coming back. Just kidding. :) But we have been having some fun. A bit too much fun. She loves to shop, unlike the rest of my family, so we went shopping for 7 1/2 hours yesterday. I kid you not. Where I got this shirt.

(For some reason I can't download any photos from my phone on here, so I just stole this off the internet. This is what it looks like.)

I love irony/sarcasm/outright lying to people.
You should have seen my dad's face when we came home just in time for dinner. He expected us to have bags and bags of stuff. Instead, he said, "I could have gotten all that in 20 minutes. What the heck took so long?"

The best place we have gone to was definitely Barnes and Noble. I walked in and immediately was in heaven. (Which I'm sure N knows all about, considering I killed him a few days ago. :P It's better not to ask.) There was so much perfection in one place. When my grandmother said, "Want a coffee? I'll go get you one while you look through the books" I was convinced she was an angel. I could have stayed there for days, just sipping a Starbucks and searching through stacks of stupendous novels. (Alliteration with Audrey, everybody. Thanks for coming.) (And alliteration annoys.)

Also, Ben just blessed me with the gift of showing me this remix. I MUST BUY THIS. Unfortunately, I have like $4 left after buying my uncle some clown dolls for his birthday. (I suppose I should probably explain this: My uncle hates clowns. Despises them. So, like a good niece, I've been buying tons of really freaky clown dolls, statues, and figurines for months now (You'd be surprised how many people have these things) , and shipping them to him anonymously. My dad travels a lot, so I'll give him a package and he'll ship it from wherever he is, so they come from all around the country. I have a feeling he suspects me after, when I visited him and my cousins at my grandma's house, I left 13 of them all around his room. Watching him freak out was hilarious. So worth it. You may think, "Audrey, you're so mean!" Well, then so is his wife, his 3 kids, his sister, his brother in law, his nephews, and his parents, because we think it's flipping hilarious. ;) )

Okay, so, I have no money. Not quite sure why I went into that long story.

Anywho, I must go empty out my desk. My brother's getting mine, so I have to sort through all of my stuff. O_O Yikes. It's kind of scary. I just found a school paper from 5th grade. And I've only had the desk since 6th! Wish me luck as I venture into the depths of the desk drawers.
Hasta la vista! (Weird that I used this goodbye even though I'm learning Latin now. Hm, what is goodbye in Latin? See, that's the weird thing about it. I could give you a half hour lecture about the Roman baths in Latin, but I don't know how to say hello and goodbye.)
~ Audrey

Friday, June 14, 2013

STOP! Birthday Time!

Sorry, I'm hyped up on birthday cake.

But anyway, it was my little bro's bday today! (Okay, I wrote this a few days ago. It's not anymore, haha :) )
He's now the big one-two. Only one year before he's a teenager. O.O Oh no....Na, the real one I'm worried about is my psychopathic youngest brother. He scares me. Okay, imagine my weirdest, worst, most sadistic qualities, and multiply it by 10. Scaring you yet? Now imagine that in a bratty 8 year old form.
Just kiddin'. I love him :) But seriously, I worry about him. He has a good side though; for example, in celebration of my technical middle-school graduation (I say that because according to public schools, I'm in 8th grade. Which is SO annoying, but also fun, because when people underestimate me, I can wow them with my homeschooler high-school knowledge. :D I take mostly high-school classes, though.) he bought me a cute snoopy doll with a graduation hat and a necklace :) Awww....
Back to my other brother...
So, for his birthday, he went to this trampoline place. Me? I stayed home and cleaned *sigh*
And, of course, duct-taped my ceiling fan. Don't judge me. All the colors blend together when it spins, so it looks AWESOME.

Also for my graduation, my grandpa sent me a gift card for my Kindle! YES! I have a serious problem with buying books and music. I need help. It's bad, guys.
What else is new with me?
Well, starting on Monday, I am doing this week long thing at the community college near us. It's like a camp, pretty much. They have a bunch of different ones. I am taking drama (According to my friends and parents, I don't need any help with that. I'm not quite sure what they meant. I mean, I am not dramatic at all! :P ) and debate (when I told my friends that, they said "You're going to be awesome! You're always arguing!" Oh, gosh, you guys should see my in school. I read into things so much, and then I argue my points. For example, vocab question:
Which of these things are necessary to survive?
A. Food B. Water C. Shelter D. Entertainment.
I put all of them. My logic is that you can have food and shelter and stuff, but you would be so starved for entertainment that you would do something drastic, like trying to learn how to walk on a tightrope. Of course, the only tightrope around would be an electrical pole, causing you to not only fall 50 feet, but be electrocuted as you plummeted to the concrete. I ended up getting the class riled up, and we debated for like 10 minutes until my teacher got angry. But really, I had some logical points! I bring entertainment into my classmates mundane lives! Needless to say, I am a memorable student. Okay, anyway, yeah, I'm taking debate. Got a little off-topic there.) Hopefully, I might be the second best AIO debater - after Ryan Matlock, of course :). My mother didn't realize that you could have taken the two classes in different weeks, instead of two classes in one day. So I'm taking drama in the morning, then debate in the afternoon. I'm getting there at 8:00 AM and staying till 5:00 PM O.O. This should be interesting. These poor teachers...
Well, I'm off to "bed" (aka staying up until midnight reading).
Bye guys!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Headphones, Serial Killers, Me, and other weird, sadistic stuff


(See, I told you I would show you what I looked like! Hehehehe.....)
Also, apparently my mother has nicknamed the hedgehog Hedgalina Pokey. So Ben kinda named it. No word on an official name.
For those of you who are not familiar with the HIVE series by Mark Walden, this is the latest book that I have waited a year and a half for, because he ended the last one on a cliffhanger and I had to write him and say it was excellent but killed me at the same time. Unfortunately, I have to ship it in from London, seeing as they are not published in the US. *sigh*
My brothers are out of school! Now, this can mean that they are around to annoy me more, but it also means we can start doing all of our summer activities, such as rock-climbing ("No, those rocks are stable!") , bungee jumping ("Yes, the cord is attached! Now jump!") sky-diving ("Faulty parachute? No, it's supposed to look like that!") and all that family-fun stuff.
The bad thing:
My mother handed me a flyer for ACTS. She was a bit surprised when I ripped it up, spit on it, then threw it out the window onto a passing police car. I think I scared her when I went into an ALL CAPS RAGE! ;) She's decided to torture me as much as possible with it, by (and these are all true) sticking it onto the car window so when I roll it up I am presented with the logo, silk-screening it onto a pillowcase, use it as a bookmark, glue it to a milk carton, hide it in my sock drawer, etc etc. Yep, I have a weird mother. And if N says it runs in the family, I might have to kill him. (Side note: I seem to be shaping up into quite the serial killer. I'm a bit worried.)
One last thing.
I'm running a bit low on inspiration for my AIO blog. Any suggestions?
Okay, BYE!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

There's Been a Death in the Family

Yes, it's true.
My headphones are dead.
They held on for a long time, almost 2 months! And considering I usually go through earbuds every 2 weeks, this is an accomplishment.
This is how I felt when I suddenly ceased hearing this in my left ear....
I fell to my knees and clutched my precious headphones to my chest, praying that it was just a dream. But alas, it was not so. I buried my family member in the trash can. I am sentimental, aren't I? Why is an electronic device related to me, you ask? Well, I spend more time with them than my actual family. Sad to say, but it's true. I have ordered another pair on Amazon, but I will have to suffer FOUR WHOLE DAYS using my brother's cruddy ones. I don't know if I can make it.
In other news, WE GOT A HEDGEHOG.
I kid you not. It is SO ADORABLE. But we can't think of a name for her. Any suggestions?
Lastly, hi Qaya. I hope you are satisfied with my blog. ;) (The rest of you, ignore this, haha)
I'm working on a summer bucket list right now (including a ginger party ;) ) and I was super excited to show it to you all, and computer crashed. Please click the NOOOO above to hear my scream of sorrow. I am reconstructing it tomorrow, so you can see my crazy ideas for this summer. I'm pretty sure I've already traumatized the few friends I have left, but if anyone has stuck around then this will definitely scare them off.
Audrey :D

Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Put Bland Adjectives in Front of Titles

It's time for the very first edition of Audrey's Random Ramblings! This episode....Road Edition. This is what popped into my head and wrote down while we were driving. Unedited. It's a bit scary where I will let my mind go. 
(We left at 10:32)
I passed a place called Good Donuts. Personally, I believe that putting an adjective  such as good in front of a name emphasizes, not that the thing is good, but that it is so terrible that you need to put a lie in front of the title to help it out. Needless to say, I will not be visiting Good Donuts or any other place that has an overused generalized adjective in front of it. 

What if this universe is just a speck in another, and we just don't know it? The majority of humans accept the world they are placed in. Few try to explore, and learn. The fleas on a dog, for example. I can't say I know what a flea thinks, but I'm sure many do not know that the dog they feed off of is just the tip of the iceberg. What if we are the fleas, and we haven't even scratched the surface of what is out there? 

I've never understood why Taco Bell is so often combined with other restaurants. I have also seen that when you drive into Tack Bell, everybody orders from there, not the Pizza Hut it's combined with. Is it that people believe that they have to order pizza from somewhere that looks like it would have pizza? Or is it too expensive? Maybe they just don't like pizza. But if there was a self standing Pizza Hut next to the Taco Bell, I ave no doubt that people would go to it. 

Why is 1:11 such a special time? Whenever three numbers line up, we need to make a wish, or say, 3:33, or something. It's just a time, like any other time. And just like any other time, within 60 seconds, it will click away to a different sequence of numbers which aren't as special. 
 The town of Carthage is coming up in 23 miles. However, I am knowledgeable in ancient world history, and I know that Carthage was actually a city on the tip of Africa that was always fighting Rome. It was eventually destroyed by a man named Cato, who was famous or saying ( what else ) Carthage must be destroyed! So road sign, do not lie to me. I know that the real Carthage is not in 23 miles. The majority of the world just glances at the sign and forgets about it in two seconds. But I am different. I am smart. ;)

 How would you describe colors to someone who was blind since birth? Think about it. It's very difficult. 


 Are we there yet?! 


How could also become who. Think about it.

 I just passed an orange lake. Now, most people would think that it is contaminated. However, during my trip to the Grand Canyon, I learned that most orange lakes are that color because of the dirt around it. That dirt contains small traces of iron dust, which seep into the water. So I could go swimming in that orange lake and freak a bunch of people out. Of course, knowing my luck, I would end up swimming in the one lake that is toxic. 

 That bulldozer is just sitting unattended in that field. Anybody could hotwire it and steal it. Of course, first you would need to get it running, then know how to drive it, somehow hide it from the cops, and anyway, who steals a bulldozer, of all things? 

I just saw a train track that split off into a junkyard. STOP MOM I NEED TO GO MEET UNCLE WALLY AND JAY

I just realized....I'm sitting in the way back. Okay, get ready. *insert lyrics to the way back here because I don't sing sorry Kay bye* *realizes she sang sick of it earlier* *realizes that no one can hear me anyways* DON'T EAT THAT STALE CHEETO!

 That is a LOT of cows.

*Listening to Fast in my Car*
*realizes that we're going 10 miles over the speed limit*



Wow. How do I have friends? 
Anyway, what else is new in my fantastic life? 
Well, I am starting piano again. I've played since I was 5, and stopped last August. But I have decided to try it again; pray that it works out! I hope that I haven't lost everything I learned. I tried a few weeks ago to play my 5th grade brother's song, and I did it-barely. *gulp* I need some practice.

Also, I might possibly be going back north this summer! I lived in Wisconsin for 8 years, and haven't been back to Illinois(where my family lives) or Wisconsin since we moved. My parents jumped at the chance to get me out of the house for a few weeks, and are more than happy to send me off. And the chance to stay with my awesome cousins, see my grandparents, and avoid my brothers? Sign me up! It's only a possibility right now, but I really hope it works out. 

Also, one of the things we do every year is make videos with our cousins. Usually they are happy sounding videos with a twisted ending, but this time we decided to do a fake ad. Unfortunately, I can't post it right now because my cousin cannot send it to me. But when I receive it in a few days, I will show it to you guys! I think it's funny, and hopefully you will too ;)
So, I need a thumbnail photo, so how about a picture of me I found at my grandmas house? ;)

Hmm. Interesting. And I have no idea what is on my shoulder. I think it's a hair ribbon that looks like it's burning. But I am sitting in front of the fire. A picture of me burning to death, lovely.

I actually found one of the videos we made last year on Youtube. We made a few more, but I couldn't find them. (I am not in this one. These are my cousins.) Enjoy our twisted sense of humor. And I apologize for the terrible quality.